Monday, July 23, 2018

"River to Redemption"

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"River to Redemption" is another amazing historical novel from Ann H. Gabhart.  This story is heart-wrenching, and yet inspiring and full of hope at the same time as the characters persevere and those whom have struggled and been treated poorly do what they know is right even though they have been treated so poorly themselves.  This story will leave you feeling hopeful and inspired to live the best life you can and show kindness to those around you. 
Adria was rescued by Louis during the cholera epidemic and she is determined to pay him back by helping him become free.  Louis has always been a slave and he gave up his chance at freedom to rescue and care for her because he knew it was the right thing to do.  Adria is 19 and able to care for herself now, but she will never forget Louis and what he has sacrificed for her.  However, unfortunately, the time that it is, being the 1840's in the south, this is not the mindset of others around her.  Louis is a slave and is therefore to be sold and treated as one, no matter what he has done or who he is.  Adria's grit and strength shine through as she fights an uphill battle for what she wants and believes in. 
I enjoyed reading the author's note at the end of the book as that just enhanced this story even more for more so that parts of it are based on a true story. This time period was so different from now, but in reality we all struggle and face challenges and the determination that Adria possesses and uses is what we all should strive for while facing our own challenges as well.
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