Sunday, July 29, 2018

excellent resource for implementing small groups!

Image result for planning small groups steve gladen"Planning Small Groups with Purpose: A field-tested guide to design and grow your ministry," written by Steve Gladen with a foreword by Rick Warren, is an excellent resource for Pastors and other church leaders hoping to implement and build up a small group component in their ministry.  The church I am a member of just this last spring began a small group component and although it is in the early stages, I would say it is going to be a success.  Rick as well as the author discuss how small groups is the foundation of the early church and this is how believers and member of the church are really going to grow in their faith and also together as a community and family.  

This book is very thorough and takes the user step by step with starting with the basic foundation, the purpose and design of small groups in order to fulfill the purpose and goals of having these as a part of the ministry.  Next, each piece of these groups is discussed and broken down and then all put together to really help build the groups by addressing the individual components to create the whole.  Some of the components addressed is the layout of the group, where it will be held, how many individuals, helping individuals grow individually spiritually, but also as a unit together building fellowship and community.  This is a valuable resource that will help someone really be able to address the different steps and feel comfortable and prepared for taking this step in ministry.

*Thanks to the BakerBooks Blogger Review Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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