Monday, July 23, 2018

"Minding the Light"

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"Minding the Light" is the second book in Suzanne Woods Fisher's Nantucket Legacy series and it is a wonderful historical romance novel!  This book is filled with so much historical detail that it really does provide a window into the life and society of a Quaker community set in Nantucket and the sea way of life. 
Daphne's heart is spoken for as she is engaged to a man and life is good.  However, when Ren returns to town after 6 years away they are both in for an awakening.  Ren realizes that everything has changed, and Daphne realizes that Ren is not the man that others see him as.  Ren has gotten good has covering  his true self, his hurt and pain and the man who he actually is below his exterior that everyone else sees.  Daphne finds herself getting to know the real Ren and finds her heart falling for him.  However, she is spoken for and Ren is related to and works with her fiancee. 
Daphne is a character who I immediately liked, she is sweet, strong and not afraid to help others.  I loved the interactions that are shared between she and Ren as this really helped to show her true character as well as Ren's.   The inner turmoil as well as the outward struggles that these characters are facing and needing to cope with are not really unlike that which we struggle with now making the characters and the story relatable on several different levels.  This connection keep me completely engrossed in the book.   I love the historical detail that is included; Suzanne does a fantastic job with really bringing the time period and culture to life, I felt as if I were there alongside the characters.  I am looking forward to book #3 in the near future!
*Thanks to the Revell  Reads Blogger Review Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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