Monday, August 21, 2017

"Crisis Shot"

Oh my goodness, "Crisis Shot," is a must-read for romantic suspense fans!  This is book #1 in Janice Cantore's newest series and it is amazing!  I sat down to start this book and ended up reading half the book!  Tess' whole life and identity is being a police officer and Long Beach has been her home.  However, in one moment her life is completely changed while doing her job and the backlash that results from it.  As Tess struggles to accept this new course for her life and get adjusted to her new job and life, she realizes that her past is still following her, but she can still make a difference.  Tess is starting over in a small town as the Police Chief and she finds herself facing the first murder and possibly murders that the town has seen.  When the beloved Pastor's wife is missing, Tess finds herself needing to rely on others' help, such as a local Sheriff whom Tess finds herself liking much to her chagrin, following her own set of "rules" and following her heart and gut instinct with solving this case. 

Janice has done an incredible job with this book as she has created characters whom are easy to like and so intriguing that you want to find more about them.  There are also so many individuals introduced and somehow play a role and are connected that I wanted to keep reading to find out just what their connections were.  I was disappointed to read that book #2 will not be out until next summer as I cannot wait to find out what happens next in Tess' life and hope to see many of the same characters once again!

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*Thanks to the Tyndale Blog Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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