Saturday, May 6, 2017

Guest Book Review Post: "Glimmer Girls: Light up New York"

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I am Kristie's daughter Allessandra. I am 8 years old and in 2nd grade.  I love to read and write stories, I want to be an author when I grow up!

My Review:
The story Light up New York was about that the Glimmer Girls were going to New York City. The Glimmer Girls were VERY exited about going to New York City. The people that were coming were: Mia, Maddie, Lulu, Miss Julia, the kids' Dad, and the kids' Mom. Also, Mia said when the kids were in the car, she said: "watch your elbows Lulu''. So, that part of the story told me that in the car, the kids were quite uncomfortable. Then, they got there!  Then, they made plans for what to do.  "Solve a mystery!" Lulu shouted. Dad gave Lulu a serious look because sometimes when the Glimmer Girls do mysteries, they get into trouble. The family planned: to go to the Library, the Museum of Art, go ice skating, see the Statue of Liberty, and the Dad said to find a perfect cup of coffee. Lulu is very funny because when the family went to the Hotel, the family saw there was snacks in the Lobby, the Mom said: "at least we know there is snacks in the Lobby." Then Lulu said: "midnight snacks!" Then the Mom said that how about an apple or granola bar because the family knew that Lulu meant junk food. Then, that is all I can tell so I DO NOT  ruin it for some people. Enjoy reading!

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