Friday, June 3, 2016

"Owlegories Vol. 3" PLUS a $5 coupon!

 Are you looking for good, clean entertainment for your children?  Are you looking for Christian DVDs to watch together as a family?  "Owlegories Vol. 3" is a cute collection of three stories that are perfect for young children to watch and learn Biblical truths from and adults will find charming as well.  Five unique owls, each complete with a charming personality and style, star in these episodes and will win your hearts.  The Professor leads Joey, Nora, Violet, Gus and Twitch on adventures in order to learn certain truths about God and lessons that are shared in the Bible. 
The episodes included on Owlegories Vol 3 DVD are "The Fire," The Duck" and "The Seasons."  Each of these episodes share an animated story and then a well-known speaker shares a short lesson at the end.  Following "The Duck" episode Uncle Si speaks and further explains the lesson of God's greatest gifts. 
I watched this DVD with my two children, ages 5 and 7.  They enjoyed all three episodes, but the last one, "The Seasons," was their favorite.  They enjoy nature in general, but the lesson seemed to be more "catchy" with music.  The entire DVD runs for about 40 minutes; therefore, it held their attention and this would be a great resource to use with younger children as well and also for those times when you only have a few minutes to watch something as these episodes could be watched separately or all at once. 

Right now you can get a $5 coupon to be used on the website to order this DVD or many other options if you join the email list.  You can join and receive a $5 coupon by visiting or by texting 5-GIFT to 44222.

*Thanks to FishFlix for the complimentary copy of this DVD in exchange for a honest review.*

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