Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"Fading Starlight"

I absolutely loved Kathryn Cushman's latest novel, "Fading Starlight."  Kathryn takes the reader into the world of Hollywood, and the betrayal and secrets, including a mystery that has been unsolved for decades.  Lauren's career has been destroyed in one moment as a young star has a wardrobe malfunction while wearing one of her dresses.  Forced to do anything and everything she can at this time, she packs up and moves into a home that needs a lot of TLC and takes on the task of designing and making costumes for a high school production.  Lauren's new neighborhood is beautiful and gated, with a suspicious and secretive neighbor across the road who is determined to uncover Lauren's true nature, making life even more interesting and even more difficult. 
I loved how this storyline progressed and the character development.  Lauren is a main character whom was so easy to connect with and root for as she was a compassionate person and did her best to make the right choices when faced with difficult decisions to be made, mainly pressure from Kendall.  At first of course it was difficult to really like Charlotte, but it was obvious she was covering up hurt and pain and really was living a lonely life.  The descriptions of Charlotte's dresses and accessories were amazing, as were the descriptions of Lauren's creations; I could picture them all so well in my mind.  I loved that Lauren and Charlotte shared the same fashion sense and their love for the clothing of that era and dressing for dinner and tea.  The story is inspiring and I love how Kathryn wove in Biblical truths throughout the story through Lauren's friends and her interactions with others. 

*Thanks to the Bethany House Blogger Review Program for the complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.*

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