Friday, October 23, 2015

Chinese Cooking - all you need!

If you enjoy Chinese food and would like to try and make your own, then this cookbook is for you!
"Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees: essential techniques of authentic Chinese cooking" is a wonderful collection that is the one and only resource you will need.  This book shares different tidbits about the origins of various cooking techniques, cooking utensils and recipes.  I love how that is added in as an introduction to a section or to share a story about a specific recipe.  The book begins with discussing the various regions in China and the types of food that are eaten in each one and what authentic Chinese food actually is.  There are some recipes in this book that I have not ever heard of, but that look and sound delicious.  Then there are also other recipes which I love ordering at a local Chinese restaurant and I am looking forward to trying to prepare in my own kitchen such as sweet-and-sour pork and shrimp and asparagus fried rice. 

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