Friday, May 9, 2014

Chopped - What's in your basket?

I was so excited to see "The Chopped Cookbook!" and I was even more excited when I came home from work to see it waiting for me! One of my sisters introduced me to Chopped in December and I was instantly hooked on it as I loved everything about the show - having a basket of seemingly random ingredients and having to create something delicious and pleasing to the eye from them. So many days I will stand looking in my kitchen thinking what am I going to make from this and I am thrilled to have so many ideas at my fingertips!
This cookbook is divided into sections based on type of food, for example
there is a section devoted to pastas, another to vegetables and one all about salads.  The very first section is a description of the Chopped pantry and then a list of staples for our home pantries. I love this list and addition to the book as it is a great list and very helpful for using this book, but cooking in general. "The Chopped Cookbook" is a hardcover book filled with colorful illustrations and pictures of each recipe and a wide variety of food to make, so what are you waiting for - go see what's in your basket!

Go here to read more about this awesome cookbook: Chopped!

*"I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review."

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