Sunday, January 6, 2013

Book Review - "Vanished"

Irene Hannon's latest suspense novel is a winner and I cannot wait to read the next one in this new series! "Vanished" is book 1 in Hannon's new Private Justice series. Moira is an investigative reporter; however she never expected to have to go to a PI in order to solve a mystery that she played a role in.  Driving home from work one night in heavy rain Moria encounters a woman and a man, the woman's terror filled eyes haunt Moria for days and weeks to come and the disappearance of the man without him helping at the scene of the accident leaves her feeling unsettled as well.  Cal is intrigued by Moria and her story when she arrives at his office sharing her story.  After they begin to work together on this Cal finds himself losing his heart as well; however he is hesitant to after the last woman he loved was killed because of him.  As more and more clues and suspicions arise, the danger rises as well for all of those involved in the case.
Hannon does an excellent job with drawing the reader into the midst of the story, into all of the suspense, drama and romance.  The characters are all "normal" people whom the reader could interact with on a daily basis and the storyline is so realistic as well making it even more suspenseful and increasing the need to keep on reading until the end of the story. Cal and his PI partners are excellent main characters for this story as their characters are enjoyable to read about and each appear to have secrets of their own that will add to the stories that will follow "Vanished" in the series.  I have loved Hannon's other books that I have read and I was not disappointed at all while reading this one except for the fact that I have to wait months to read book 2!
“Available January 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

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