Thursday, January 3, 2013

Book Review - "Echoes"

"Echoes," book 3 in Robin Jones Gunn's Glenbrooke Series, tells Lauren's heartache and moving on after a breakup with her financee.  Lauren is a person whom always has things happen to her, and hates having that pointed out to her as she is viewed as a "magnet for disaster." How can life possibly get worse after a hair disaster and ordering the special which is really something she is allergic to?  Well it can!  Lauren's fiancee drops the bomb that he lost his job and has been offered an opportunity that he cannot pass up, even if it means losing Lauren in his life.  Lauren's brother Brad gets Lauren hooked up to the internet so they can have better contact, but also so Lauren can meet others online as well.  As Lauren begins to correspond with a new friend, she works on repairing her heart and trying to move on, and relies on her friendships with other in town as she tries to make sense of her head and heart.
This is a excellent book in this series!  Not only, is Lauren a character that can be related to, but the main characters from the previous books, Jessica, Kyle, Teri and Gordon, all play key roles and I loved spending time with them once again!  This is quick read as I was quickly drawn into Lauren's life and found myself empathizing with her.  The author's descriptions of characters, settings and events allow me to create such vivid pictures and I feel as if I am actually a part of the story!  I am so glad there are more books to read in this series!
*I received a complimentary copy of this book from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers in exchange for a honest review.*

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