Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book Review - "The Little Guitar"

"The Little Guitar," written by Eric Manos and illustrated by Eva Serencisova, is beautiful story for children that will be enjoyed by adults as well!

A little guitar is created and she is beautiful both outside and inside as she loves lovely and sounds lovely when played. She is taken home by a little boy who is learning to play guitar and she tries so hard to make playing easy for him and to sound nice; however the little boy gives up after a few months and the little guitar is put away and forgotten about. During this time her strings break and she becomes broken, physically and her spirit as she is ignored and not used. One day she is placed on the front lawn as a part of a lawn sale and she is the last item there. Thinking she is going to become firewood, she is shocked when an old man picks her up. Spending many hours, the little guitar is refurbished and she finds her voice again.

This is a beautiful, well-written story! This is a great story to share with children and can be used in several ways. Immediately while reading this book I thought that this would be a great book to share with children when they are attempting to learn an instrument as it can be an encouragement for them to not give up as learning to play an instrument is not easy and requires time and practice. However, it can also be used a discussion starter with children to talk about how there is more to a person than just his or her looks, or a discussion about each person being special and having talents. There are numerous possibilities! A great book that should be a part of every collection!

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