Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book Review - "Beauty for Ashes"

I really enjoyed Dorothy Love's first Hickory Ridge Romance, "Beyond All Measure," and I was not disappointed with the second book in the series, "Beauty for Ashes."
The reader is thrown right into the story with Carrie being fitted for a wedding dress, not for her wedding but her brother's wedding. Then while leaving the dress shop Carrie is almost trampled by a horse and is rescued by a handsome stranger Griff. Not even knowing him, Carrie cannot believe that she invited him to be her date to her brother's wedding! Carrie is supposed to be marrying another man, Nate, in the future, but to date she has been unable to really commit and set a date. Nate is safe, and provides her with a practical love and life, while Griff's kindness and personality draw Carrie and she finds herself falling for him. Griff and Carrie are both waging battles within themselves in regards to their families and their pasts that is interfering with their hearts and heads.
This is an enjoyable series to read! The stories are filled with romance, trials, sorrow, hope and joy making these emotional reads at times. The characters are so lovable and you will find yourself engrossed in their lives and decisions that must be made. Highly recommended for those who enjoy historical fiction!

* I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.*

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