Thursday, June 17, 2010

Book Review: "Sarah's Garden"

It seems as if there are more and more authors writing Amish novels these days. However, Kelly Long is an author you do not want to miss out on! I read her work as part of "An Amish Christmas," and now a new novel by her, "Sarah's Garden" has been released. "Sarah's Garden" is book one in a A Patch of Heaven Series.
Sarah is a shy Amish woman and prefers to be working in her kitchen garden. Through some circumstances that arise, Sarah finds herself immersing into the English world and she meets an English veterinarian, Grant. Sarah has never felt like this before, but can she really be falling in long with an Englisher? Sarah finds herself in a struggle of following her heart or remaining true to her family and roots - basically her whole life up until now. Long uses great imagery and descriptions to help the reader create wonderful visual pictures throughout the book which adds to the enjoyment of reading the book and working through this struggle with Sarah.


  1. I review for Thomas Nelson, and I haven't even received my book yet!
    Diane K.

  2. oh I hope you do soon!!! It took almost a month once for one of my books to come, but I usually get them within a varies though...

  3. Just got "Sarah's Garden" yesterday. Looks like a nice summer read. I can read faster than it takes to mail the books, and it seems that you can, too!