Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Book Review - "Driftwood Lane"

Denise Hunter's latest installment in her Nantucket Love Story series has arrived! "Driftwood Lane" focuses on Meridith Ward, stable, serious, engaged to an accountant and afraid to let herself fall in love. Meridith receives a shocking phone call while at work one day. Her father, who abandoned her and her now deceased mother years ago, and his new wife have not survived a boating accident and have named Meridith as the guardian for their three children - three children whom Meridith has never met.
This begins a life change for Meridith. She moves from St. Louis to Nantucket to care for these children until their uncle returns from riding around the country on his motorcycle. Upon arrival at the family home, Meridith finds their home, a bed and breakfast, not up to codes and begins to make repairs with the intent of selling.
Jake, or Uncle J, as referred to by his niece and nephews receives a shocking e-mail one night letting him know of his sister's sudden death and the welfare of the children. Jake afraid that he will not be able to see the children and hoping to find Meridith, the children's guardian unfit for the job, arrives at the bed and breakfast as a worker for the many repairs that need to be done, nothing more.
Meridith finds herself falling in love with the children and finds herself faced with the choice - the children or her future husband. Thrown into the midst of this is the unsettling feelings that Meridith is experiencing around Jake and whenever she thinks about him.
Filled with various relationships, past hurts, secrets, and the possibility for new family bonds and love, Denise Hunter has created a story that will keep you engrossed to the end. This is wonderfully written and easy to read as the story pulls you in and holds your interest. A great "summery" read!

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  1. I enjoyed your review. Makes me want to go get the book! ...I am just getting started as a reviewer through BookSneeze.