Friday, June 11, 2010

Book Review - "Love on a Dime"

Have you ever kept something a secret from your family and loved ones because you thought it would bring them shame? Welcome to Lilly Westbrook's life, her life that is really a mystery to all except for her close friend Miranda. Cara Lynn James brings Lilly Westbrook to life in her Ladies of Summerhill novel, "Love on a Dime." Lilly is a lady of society engaged to a man who will bring her family to higher social status in the year of 1899. However, this is several years after she gave her heart to a man who was not of social standing to be deemed appropriate by Lilly's parents. When this man Jackson reenters her life, Lilly is forced to deal with her feelings toward Jackson and decide if she is really over him or not. Added to this, Lilly finds out that Jackson is the recent owner of a publishing company, a publishing company that publishes dime novels written by a Miss Fannie Cole. Miss Cole's true identity is a mystery to all, however Jackson's goal is to discover who she really is. Will Lilly be able to keep her secret of being an authoress a secret from Jackson and her fiancee and family? The stakes are raised when Lilly is blackmailed and when a rival publisher offers more money, which Lilly could really use to help support a charity she contributes to.
James delivers a novel that draws the reader into the character's struggles and dilemmas. Lilly is conflicted as to what to do in regards to her love life and also her secret work that is frowned upon by society. There are so many relationships between the characters that are developed well throughout the book and these along with the minor plots will draw the reader in until the very last sentence.

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