Sunday, April 18, 2010

Book Review - "In Harm's Way"

Irene Hannon finishes her Heroes Of Quantico trilogy with "In Harm's Way," a riveting story featuring Nick Bradley. Nick has played a role in the other two novels in this trilogy, "Against All Odds" and "An Eye for an Eye." I really liked this aspect of the trilogy - that each of the three men (and the main female character in each book) play a role in each of the novels with each book focusing on the story of one of the men.
"In Harm's Way" presents the reader with suspense, romance, relationships and psychology. Rachel Sutton finds a ragged Raggedy Ann doll in a parking lot and experiences an odd sensation when the doll is in her grasp. Not understanding this and being rejected by the local police, Rachel goes to the FBI where she comes in contact with Agent Nick Bradley. Luckily, Nick witnesses Rachel's reaction to the doll and does not laugh off her story. Looking over some past photos the doll is noticed in the edge of a picture of an abducted baby. Through this doll, Rachel learns that she has a twin sister and is really not all alone in this world as she always believed to be as she was moved from foster home to foster home growing up. Nick fights his feelings for Rachel, however it is difficult to deny that the feelings exists when Rachel appears to be in danger herself.
I have enjoyed reading this trilogy and "In Harm's Way" was a great conclusion to this trilogy. The suspense in each book is just right along with the romance that blossoms between the agents and the women they come in contact with on the job. However, the stories are not "sugar-coated" as Hannon has completed research and it was interesting to learn more about the FBI and the various aspects of the responsibilities and roles of the agents. It was a difficult book to put down once I started it!

“Available April 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

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