Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Book Review - "An Honest Love"

I think I enjoyed this book more than the first in the series and I really liked that one as well! Kathleen Fuller's second book in her Hearts of Middlefield series, "An Honest Love" really focuses on the lives of 4 individuals - 2 couples on the journey of friendship growing into love.
The main characters of her first novel in this series play a minor role, so it is nice to read the first book as you can see how this family is changing and growing.
Elizabeth is at that age when she should becoming a more serious adult and interested in becoming a homemaker and mom. Elizabeth feels as if she is not prepared or as competent as she should be. She finds herself working with and spending more time with Aaron. However, Aaron is filled with regrets of choices he has made in his past and feels as if he is not good enough for an Amish woman. Join these two on their journey of friendship.
Anna is new to the area and trying to forget a broken relationship in the past. She is not willing to open up her heart to any man. However, Lukas showers her with kindness through helping Anna and her mother with their new shop. Anna slowly opens her heart to Lukas, however she is still not telling all of her secrets. An upsetting event causes a wedge between these two, will they make it back to the point at which they fell in love?
A must read for Amish fiction fans!

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