Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Review - "Hand of Fate"

Beginning with a murder, Lis Wiehl along with April Henry deliver another great suspense novel titled, "Hand of Fate." If you enjoyed the first "Triple Threat Novel" you will not be disappointed with this one!
Picking up soon after the last case is resolved, three friends Nicole, Cassidy and Allison are thrown back into working a case together as fear and panic take over the city while these three women are going about their daily lives. This panic begins when Jim Fate, a controversial talk radio host, is poisoned by a gas in his studio while delivering his daily show. While the novel focuses on finding Fate's murderer and the cause for this horrid incident, the three women are dealing with secrets of their own. They will realize that they really do not know each other that well and that often friends do need to be relied on in order to make it through trials that are faced in life.
This book is very well written and holds the reader's attention right up until the last page. Wiehl and Henry kept me intrigued and guessing through the last page!

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