Thursday, September 23, 2021

"Roar Like a Lion" review tour!

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"Roar Like a Lion" is a brand-new children's devotional book that is available now!  This book has 90 readings that are geared to help build up your faith so that hard things can be done.  I love the variety of topics and straight forward approach and easy to understand language that is used.  For example, one of the readings is about "turning off the dark."  The world is so dark, people are mean, yet we can help turn off the dark and turn on the light by sharing God's love with the world.  Each reading begins with a verse and also has a "did you know?" or a "get ready to roar!" section.  For this particular reading it is a  "did you know" talking about the moon.  The "get ready to roar" are little challenges or missions to do to help carry out and reinforce what was shared in the reading.  I also love the illustrations and just the use of color throughout this book.  It is very eye-catching, and an easy and appealing format for kids!

*I received this book from the publisher; all opinions shared are my own.*

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