Monday, December 30, 2019

a Jonah Bible study

Image result for the gospel-centered life in the bible jonah"Jonah: grace for sinners and saints" Bible study which is part of the gospel-centered life in the Bible study series is a great Bible study for those wanting to delve deep into the book and character of Jonah. 
Jonah is someone that we grow up learning about, how he disobeyed God and was swallowed by a fish.  However, there is so much more to that story and during college and even in more recent years I have heard sermons focusing on Jonah and have heard things that I had never thought about or realized.  Working through study book had me saying that over and over again.  There are aspects of Jonah's life and story that I have not really though about much.  Also, the application of his story is eye-opening and it is a good reminder of God being in charge and the importance of us repenting when we have sinned and done wrong.  I love how this study is set up as the chapters/lessons are relatively short and very specific so that it is really delved into and addressed thoroughly.  Each lesson consists of a reading, reflection section, a discussion section and so much to think about and apply personally.  This study can be used individually or in a group setting.  Upon completing this study I felt like I learned so much thought about what other books of the Bible I may want to work through next to see what I can learn that may have not stood out to me earlier. 

*Thanks to New Growth Press for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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