Friday, September 28, 2018

"Burden of Proof"

I love how Diann Mills just dives right into the action in her novels and her latest, "Burden of Proof," is no exception!  Wow, what a ride from start to finish!
April is reeling from a situation on the job gone wrong, as this is the worst kind of result in her line of work as she is a negotiator for the FBI, when she finds herself caught in the midst of another situation.  All April wanted was to get a cup of coffee and she suddenly finds herself holding a crying baby and then kidnapped by a man stating that the baby is his. April has to unravel what is true, learn who she can trust and uncover some scary things that may be going on.  
This is such a good book, I did not want to stop reading as it was just non-stop action and I had to know what was going to happen next.  April is such a great main character, her strength and integrity really shines as she is not looking for the easy way out or for herself at any time, but what is best for everyone involved in the situation and as it turns out situations.  There are also many great lessons and messages throughout such as the past can be worked through and overcome, people can definitely change and the hope and help from God will help you through.  I highly recommend this book for those whom enjoy romantic suspense.  I thought this was a new stand-alone  novel, but it looks as if it is the start to a new series from Diann, which is exciting as well!

Go here to read chapter one and praise for Diann's other books!

*Thanks to the Tyndale Blog Network for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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