Wednesday, August 15, 2018

"When God's Ways Make No Sense"

When God's Ways Make No Sense  -     By: Dr. Larry Crabb
Dr. Larry Crabb shares and goes into depth with three individuals from the Bible and looks at their responses to God in his new book, "When God's Ways Make No Sense."  Dr. Crabb addresses the fact that life does not go as to how we in our minds feel like it should go or align with our thoughts of how life should be as we are living a good, God-honoring life, and therefore it can become difficult to trust God and rely on Him and trust that it is His plan.  Jonah, Saul and Habakkuk all had to make decisions on how to respond to God and they each chose a different response to what He wanted them to do.  Learning from these individuals along with other stories shared throughout this book make it a great read for inspiration and encouragement for following and trusting God even when it is not matching up with our own thoughts and making sense.   

*Thanks to the Baker Books for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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