Monday, August 6, 2018

"Living Fit"

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God has given each of us life, none of us knows how long we will be living our life here on Earth.  What we can do is live each day that we are given to the fullest extent in every area of our lives.  Ronnie W. Floyd focuses on this in his new healthy living/wellness/self-help book, "Living Fit - make your life count by pursuing a healthy you."  This book is divided into the 5 main areas of one's life, areas which are depicted cutely on the cover: living fit spiritually, physically, relationally, financially, and emotionally.  Each of these sections is further broken down further into four chapters, each one delving further into a specific aspect.  In the living fit spiritually section, there is a chapter focusing on intentional living, which is an area I have really been focusing on lately in my own life.  There are different actions highlighted through and various quotes and lists.  One statement that was highlighted and really stands out to me is this: "God desires to have a meaningful relationship with you daily.  With Him, you are never put on hold and you never have to stand in line."  Love this reminder!  I really have enjoyed this book and this is one that I have highlighted various lines throughout and will refer to back frequently when I feel like I need reminders and encouragement.  

*Thanks to the B&H/Lifeway Bloggers Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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