Monday, October 2, 2017

"The Christmas Blessing"

Each year at this time of the year, I look forward to reading Melody Carlson's newest Christmas novella.  This year's novella is "The Christmas Blessing" and it is one of my favorites (although I think I say that every year as well!).  Amelia finds herself having to make a hard choice as she cannot afford to support herself and her baby Jimmy much longer.  This leads Amelia to boarding a train with her baby son and traveling to a different state to a town she has never been, to meet her baby's paternal grandparents who have no idea who Amelia is or Jimmy.   When Amelia arrives she cannot bring herself to face the couple who were to be her in-laws if not for James being shipped out and killed in the line of duty in the midst of the war.  Amelia is forced to make a decision as to what is best for Jimmy even if it breaks her heart. 

I absolutely loved this book!  I enjoy books set during the World War II era anyways and I love Christmas stories so even before starting to read I knew I was going to love it and I did!  I cannot even imagine having to deal with what Amelia had to with losing her fiancee, giving birth and raising a baby on her own and then having to face people who she is afraid will be disappointed and not like her and maybe not believe her.  Amelia is such a strong character and does what she believes to be the best for her son even though she is terrified.  As a mom, I get that as strength just seems to be there when needed for something for your kids, but also Amelia does not have a supportive family herself and that just adds to her anxiety and concern of meeting James' family.  I love how the storyline plays out and the characters in this story as they all play such important roles.  I highly recommend this to put you in the Christmas spirit!

*Thanks so the Revell Reads Blogger Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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