Saturday, April 29, 2017

Putting technology in its place

Image result for the tech-wise family"The Tech-Wise Family: everyday steps for putting technology in its proper place" by Andy Crouch is a must-read for every single parent.  This book not only had me thinking about my family's technology use, but my own use and when I use it and my children seeing me use various devices.  I do not ever want my children to think whatever I am looking at on a screen is more important than spending time with or listening to them. 
Andy shares his perspective on what a smart family technology wise is and he ties in research and statistics that have been concluded from various studies.  This is a small book but there is so much valuable information packed into the pages.  As a society we are glued to screens - our phones, tablets, e-readers, social media.  We are connecting with others via text messages, Snapchat, sharing our daily lives with others through Facebook and Instagram and we are reading and watching television shows through our e-readers and tablets, our own individual screens.  Books are being replaced with e-readers and this is affecting our brains just as much as playing video games and watching television as it is a whole different experience for our brains to process. 
Andy shares all this information and then strategies and tips to be smart as far as technology usage and finding a right balance for yourself and your family and having it have its rightful place in our daily lives and our family's routine. 

*Thanks to the Baker Books Blogger Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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