Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"Life After" - a book you do not want to miss!

Image result for life after katie ganshertKatie Ganshert has an amazing talent of completely engaging the reader in the book that she writes, into the characters' lives and into the world that she has created. "Life After" is an emotional and thought-provoking read that will leave the reader asking her purpose in life and why things have happened that have happened in her life. 
Autumn is the sole survivor of the Tragedy on the Tracks, an incident that happened one morning when a bomb goes off on a train in Chicago.  This is a typical Chicago morning, blustery, commuters going about their everyday lives, but it was not a typical day when 22 individuals are killed and only 1 individual survives.  Autumn is left questioning why she survived, why is she the chosen one, what purpose was there to this tragedy.  Autumn collects everything she can about the tragedy and the individuals lost, much to her family's dismay, and spends her sleepless nights completing one jigsaw puzzle after another.  However, things take a turn when she receives letters and comes face to face with the daughter of the one of the individuals whom was killed because of the tragedy. Paul is shocked when he finds out what his daughter has been doing behind his back and he wants nothing else than to forget that awful day when his wife and the mother of his children was killed, it was a horrific event and he just wants life back to normal. Paul fears that Autumn is going to wreck any progress they have made with moving on. 
This story grabbed my attention right from the very first page.  It was so easy to become a part of the story, I could picture myself there on the train, sitting quietly, observing the other commuters who were mindlessly checking email on their phones, texting messages, looking out the window, something that is a part of their everyday routine, not expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen.  I could imagine Autumn's apartment with her puzzles, her closet of clippings and information and it was so easy to empathize with Autumn, Reese, and Paul as they are trying to adjust to their new normalcy.  I highly recommend this book as you will forever be changed. 

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