Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"Quick Tips for Busy Families"

Image result for quick tips for busy familiesJay Payleitner has collected 144 strategies or "parenting hacks" in his book, "Quick Tips for Busy Families."  Each strategy is about a page or two, making it a quick read, but something that may make you say "aha!" and have you waiting for the perfect moment to implement it or something that you may have tried, but now can tweak it just a little to make it more effective with your child or children.  Some of the strategies may not be ones that are applicable for you at this time because the age that your child or children are, but ones you may use in the future.  For example, visiting colleges, electronic device usage and sarcasm.  One of my favorite tips that Jay shares is being on a trip with the kids and the kids are loud, misbehaving, so instead of telling them if they stop you will stop and buy them a treat, which would be rewarding the negative behavior, you pull into a McDonald's run in and buy a treat for yourself.  Then you lean against the car enjoying the treat and then get in thank the kids for their patience while you enjoyed the treat and state if they behave and earn it then you will stop and get everyone a treat in a hour.  Simple, straight-forward tip that can be quick and easy to implement but so effective!  This is just one of many useful tips that Jay shares.  There is a topical index in the back of the book making this very easy to find a tip for a current struggle and refer to the book in times of need.  I highly recommend this book for parents!

*Thanks to the Bethany House Blogger Review Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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