Monday, December 7, 2015

Grateful Kids

I loved, I mean really loved, the latest non-fiction book on to read pile and it was one I read over the period of two days.  "Raising Kids in an Entitled World," so aptly described the society in which we are raising our children and how our habits are resulting in entitled children instead of grateful children.  I have enjoyed scrolling through and reading various posts on Kristen's blog and was so excited when I saw this book by her.  Kristen shares her heart in this book and her stories that make up her own family's journey of raising their children in today's society.  I love how this is Kristen's story, but also research tied in with it.  Kristen and her husband's boot story near the beginning of the book is such a great illustration and one that I know will pop into my head throughout various moments of raising my children.  This book flows so nicely and I love the quotes and tips that are interspersed and included at the end of the chapters.  I know this will be a book that I will refer back to over and over again as my children grow.  Kristen is such an encouragement and this book is exactly what I needed to read at this time.  I highly recommend this book for parents of children of all ages.  

*Thanks to the Tyndale Blog Network program for the complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.*

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