Friday, August 28, 2015

Travel back in time to 2450 B.C. Egypt in @ContrerasSonya's new book! Can you trust a God Who destroyed a nation?

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About the book:
Until My Name is Known
(Bull Head Press, July 2015)

The Exodus of the Jews from Egypt is a love story between God and His people. God woos His people to Himself as He prepares them to leave. Before leaving, God must fight Pharaoh for possession of His people. See how God changes all people: some for the better, others not. None stay the same. How will He change you? Can you trust a God Who destroyed a nation before your eyes? Would you want Him as your Friend?

See God free His people from Egypt's bonds before a watching world. Trace His Finger in the lives He touches. The time: 2450 BC. The Place: Old Kingdom of Egypt where Pharaoh is god. His people worship him. Israel's God arrives. He challenges Pharaoh. His power touches all people. They must change. Some do not concede. They suffer. Others yield. They find freedom.

Until My Name Is Known brings all to see the one true God. Read it to see Him. Today's historians and archaeologists puzzle over the fall of the Old Kingdom of Egypt, But the world at that time heard of God. The world knew that He is the Lord. His Name was proclaimed in all the earth.

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About the author:
Growing up with five sisters, Sonya Contreras asked God many questions, even when she did not like His answers. Graduating from Cedarville University and Institute for Creation Research with a Masters Degree in Science Education did not stop her questions. Marrying her best friend and homeschooling their eight sons, she found that dreams do come true, in spite of unanswered questions.

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My Review:
Sonya Contreras' book, "Until My Name Is Known" is book #1 in her Tell of My Kingdom's Glory series.  This book is a detailed account of Moses and Pharaoh and their interactions when Moses comes to free God's people.  I love how this book gives a more detailed account of this portion of the Bible.  What I especially loved about this book is told from multiple points of view so it gives a more thorough telling of the story.  This time period along with the events, such as the plagues and just the hardships everyday that were suffered, but then also the moments of rejoicing and hope.  The amount of details that are included create such a complete picture and really brought these people and this Biblical account to life.  I am eager to read more in this series. 

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*Thanks to Litfuse Publicity Group for including me on this blog tour and for the complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.*

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