Thursday, December 5, 2013

Recent fiction releases from Bethany House!

Bethany House (a division of Baker Publishing Group) has released a bunch of excellent reads this year and many in just the past few months!  Need a few more gifts to buy for a book lover (or for yourself!), check out these books!!!

"Into The Whirlwind," a historical fiction novel written by Elizabeth Camden, is filled with historical detail, romance, secrets, choices, and loveable characters. Mollie is the owner of her family's clock business and she is determined to run this no matter what even when the Great Chicago Fire occurs and she is given a better offer after the destruction.  Zach enters into Mollie's life and Mollie is unsure of his motives.  When some secrets are revealed Mollie is even more unsure and is faced with a choice that will change her life and determine her future and the future of her company. 
I really enjoyed this novel and I did not want to stop reading until I reached the very end!  I became immersed in the characters' lives and into this time period.  It was fascinating to learn of Mollie's clock business and to think of how it was to be a female businesswoman during this era.  Elizabeth's style of writing is easy to get into and lost in the story. I was initially drawn to this book by the cover as it is both beautiful and mysterious and I was not disappointed in the least when I began to read it!

Jen Turano's novel, "A Talent for Trouble," is the third book in her Ladies of Distinction series and I loved it just as much as the first two in the series!
Felicia is spunky, fun-loving and has been determined her whole life to marry a minister; until now when she embraces who she really is and lives her life that way. Grayson is trying to find his path in life as well and it seems that his path keeps on crossing with Felicia.  As their paths intersect, these two learn more about themselves and each other while trying to deal with a trouble from the past. 
Jen Turano has quickly become one of my new favorite authors and this is one of my new favorite series!  Each one of these books are fun to read and I have loved the characters as well as the experiences they have. I feel as if I become a part of their lives and situations!  I also love the fact that the characters from the previous novels in the series continue to play roles so that there stories continue on as I fell in love with them! The cover of this novel brings Felicia to life so well and her personality just oozes from this picture!  This is a must-read and one that will find a home on your bookshelf!

Nancy Mehl has created a town and community that is close-knit and home to many, but also a place that has its' share of secrets and trials.  The reader can read to Kingdom in "Unforeseeable," book three in Nancy's Road to Kingdom series.
Callie is loving life and is excited for her future as Mrs. Levi Housler; however this changes when she realizes a killer lives in this safe community and those whom Callie loves seem to know more than they are willing to tell her.  As the search for answers takes place, Callie must learn to ultimately put her trust in. 
I fell in love with this series in book 1 with Lizzie's story as it was so unlike books I had read and filled with characters whom were easy to empathize with and hope for the best for and also a healthy dose of suspense mixed in to keep me on the edge of my seat reading and continuing to turn the pages to unravel the secrets.  I was so excited to finally be able to read Callie and Levi's story as they are characters whom I have wondered about.  This is a series that must be read in order (and believe me you do not want to miss out on any of the Kingdom saga!) as the characters are in each book and this third book provides closure and ties up the loose ends.  This is one that will have you experiencing all kinds of emotions and will leave you satisfied at the end.  I highly recommend this book and series!

*Thanks to Bethany House for providing me with complimentary copies of these books in exchange for honest reviews.*

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