Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Book Review - "Stranger Things"

Book Description from the publisher:

In the burnt-out hollow, a house of dark secrets and an eerie beauty beckon.

Serena Diaz’s life is imploding. A troubled student has accused the young biology teacher of sexual misconduct, cutting off her promising career just as it was starting to blossom. But that’s just the beginning of Serena’s problems.

When a therapeutic walk in the woods leads her to a ruined house overtaken by criminals, Serena is assaulted and finds herself witness to the senseless murder of the one man who tries to help her.

Hurled into a world of false accusations and hounded by the press, Serena must confront evil itself to unravel the mysterious visions—and terrifying danger—that pursue her. But she can’t ignore the most haunting question: Why would a mysterious stranger give his life to save hers?

The answer, if she can find it, will point the way to her freedom from evil men in a lascivious trade.

My Review:
Wow - Erin Healy has done it again with creating a story that immediately draws the reader into the pages of the book and holds your attention all the way to the end! "Stranger Things" is Erin's latest work and I think it is my favorite of her books!  Serena's world is being turned upside down as a student destroys her career and then her place to find solace and guidance no longer holds this for her due to a dangerous encounter. I found myself eager to read just a little bit more and staying up way to late just to find out what will happen next all the way through.  I highly recommend this book for everyone who has enjoyed Erin's previous novels. 

*Thanks to Booksneeze for the complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.*

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