Monday, May 13, 2013

Book Review - "When Love Calls"

Lorna Seilstad's new series (The Gregory Sisters) starts off in an exciting way with book 1, "When Love Calls." 
Hannah is a spunky and responsible young woman whom is left in charge of her two younger sisters after their parents pass.  The girls are devastated to lose their family home and despise the man who came to do this horrible deed.  However, this same man shows up to help them move and Hannah is forced to accept his help, although she is determined to do things herself.  Lincoln is a successful and well-off lawyer; however he lives his life by his faith and he feels horrible about having to take away the Gregory girls' home, especially since he knows what it is like to be orphaned.  As Hannah gets a job as a Hello Girl, she finds herself having to adhere to rules which she does not do very well, but she also finds herself having to learn to ask for help and rely on others, one person in particular - Lincoln.  Walt, Hannah's childhood friend, has been arrested for murder and Hannah and Lincoln team up to get him out of jail and Hannah must search her heart to see what she really wants in life and whom her heart is falling in love with. 
This is a fun story to read and one that is filled with romance and suspense, but also one that explores family relationships and bonds as well.  The three sisters are all unique individuals and I am looking forward to reading Charlotte and Tessa's stories in the following books in this series.  Lincoln is a perfect man character, any woman cannot help but fall in love with him!  I love how he treated Charlotte and Tessa and enjoyed reading his interactions with them and when they would team up against Hannah.  George was someone I did not like and did not want to like; however by the end of the story my heart was going out to him and I found myself warming up to him, I am interested to see what role he will continue to play in Charlotte's life.  Aunt Sam is such a fun-loving individual and I love the role she plays in this story and in Lincoln and Charlotte's lives.  I am also hoping that Rosie will be in the rest of the series as well.  If you enjoyed Lorna Seilstad's Lake Manawa series, then this book is a must-read for you!

“Available May 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

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