Sunday, February 17, 2013

Book Review - "Picture Perfect"

"Picture Perfect" is the excellent start to Janice Thompson's new Weddings by Design series.  I loved her Weddings by Bella series and her Backstage Pass series and was thrilled that characters from both series are included in this new one!  Hannah is trying to be in the top spot on Bella's list of recommended photographers for her wedding clients.  This is not easy as it seems that her competition, Drew, is everyone she is and also vying for the same position.  When Hannah is dealing with a bride and the bride's unreasonable manager, Hannah realizes that Drew may not be the competition after all, but someone she can partner with.  As Hannah and Drew spend more time together, Hannah realizes that her heart is getting involved and she may have had the wrong perspective on Drew, on her business and on her priorities this whole time.
I loved this book!  This is another winner from Janice Thompson and I cannot wait to read the next one as soon as it is out!  I love Bella's entire family and their gatherings and Hannah's family is just another great addition to the whole clan!  There is so much tied into this book - the interactions between the families and family members, the side stories of various characters including little bits about the main characters from her other series, and the references to popular reality shows that tie in so well.  The characters are all so real in this book, they could seriously be the family next door and I found myself getting excited and nervous right along with them.  I think what I love the most about these books are the family gatherings and togetherness, the blending of cultures and traditions - both old and new ones that are created.  I am looking forward to book 2 and Scarlet's story!
“Available February 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

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