Monday, February 18, 2013

Book Review - "A Change of Fortune"

"A Change of Fortune" is Jen Turano's debut novel and I cannot wait to read many more by her!  I started this book and had it finished within 24 hours, it was so good I did not want to stop reading! Lady Eliza is masquerading as a governess in New York City after traveling from London in search of a man and woman who have destroyed her father's reputation and stolen the family's money. However, Eliza has one mishap over another including ripping her dress at a dinner party, getting trailed by the older sister of her charges and landing them both into jail and then being dismissed from her job to being taken in by a man whom she is attracted to and shares a common enemy ywith.  Eliza is not in search of a husband, but as she spends more time with Hamilton she cannot fight her feelings.  However, as Hamilton gets to know Eliza better, he develops feelings for her, but also feels that he cannot compete with her former lifestyle. As Hamilton, Zayne, Agatha and Eliza all work together to seek justice and find answers, Hamilton's children are placed in danger and Eliza learns what really matters most.
I was immediately drawn into the story and into Eliza's life!  I absolutely loved every word of this book!  It had me laughing out loud as the various mishaps the characters had, and it had me wondering what would happen next during their many adventures.  I loved the characters and the dialouge between the characters - that is probably what I loved most about this book!  This is an incredible debut novel as it captivated me right from the start to the very end, the time period and the characters came alive and it was just so well-written and enjoyable to read!  I am hoping her next book may be about the same characters as I would love to know what happens with Agatha and Zayne, Grayson's story and how Ming became his daughter, as well as spend more time with Gloria, Theodore, and the entire Watson family, and of course Hamilton, Eliza, Piper and Ben! I am highly recommending this book - you will not be disappointed!
*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for a honest review.*

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