Monday, July 9, 2012

Book Review - "Tidewater Inn"

 I am a huge fan of Colleen Coble's books and her latest novel, "Tidewater Inn," did not disappoint! Libby has grown up believing that her father died when she was five; why shouldn't she believe this as this is what her mother has always told her?  However, now her mother has passed away and Libby finds out that her father has just recently passed away and has left her an old hotel on the Outer Banks. Libby is shocked and anxious and excited to learn more about her father and her siblings who she did not know even existed.  However, the trip gets off to a bad start when her best friend and business partner is kidnapped and Libby is the prime suspect.  To make matters worse, Libby's siblings do not like her and do not seem to be willing to give her a chance.  Alec and Aunt Pearl seem to be the only ones on Libby's side and yet at times she questions them as well.  Determined to find Nicole and also make a connection with her siblings, Libby throws all she has into solving the crime, trying to act as Jesus would and at the same time sort out her feelings for Alec.

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