Monday, July 23, 2012

Book Review - "Katie's Secret"

"Katie's Secret," a children's book written by Bridgette Bannick, is a book that is fun to read, but also teaches valuable lessons. Katie has a secret that she shares with her friend Margie, however Margie laughs at her and hurts Katie's feelings.  Katie wants to find someone who will take her seriously and while she is looking she has a dream that teaches her how important she is.  Later on, Margie apologizes to Katie and they are best friends and do everything together after that.
This book teaches so many valuable lessons for children to learn early on. Katie's feelings are hurt when she is trying to share something with a friend and later Margie apologizes; feelings, apologies and forgiveness are all essential to friendships and life in general.  Also, self-esteem is a theme throughout this book as well as self-worth as Katie learns how special she really is and how each person is important.
Katie is a fairy and this is an adorable way to really pull the children into the story and while the story takes place in a fantasy world, children can easily related to the characters and their feelings. The drawings throughout the story are cute and are great additions to the text. I am looking forward to many more stories from this author!  A great debut book!

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