Friday, April 6, 2012

Book Review - "Jessica and the Tangle Monster"

Sharon J. Dickerson's book, "Jessica and the Tangle Monster," is a must-have book for any little girl who gets tangles in her hair!

Jessica wakes up every morning with tangles in her long, beautiful hair. Jessica is a happy girl except when her mother wants to brush her hair; it hurts her, so she will run and hide. When Jessica's Nanna comes to visit, she learns of the tangles in Jessica's hair and teaches Jessica about the tangle monster who comes to play in her hair every night when she's asleep. Nanna pulls a silver hairbrush out of her suitcase and uses it in Jessica's hair and makes a little game out of it. To Jessica's amazement the brush does not hurt her hair!

This is an adorable story for each and every little girl! Brushing hair can be a long, miserable event each day and this is a good way to address the "tangle monster" and try different solutions so this is less painful and drawn out! My daughter loves this story and will say, "it's time for the tangle monster to leave!" whenever it's time to brush her hair now!

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