Saturday, March 26, 2011

Book Review - "Love Amid the Ashes"

Revell has a new Biblical fiction author - Mesu Andrews! Andrew's debut novel, "Love Amid the Ashes," is an account of Dinah, the granddaughter of Isaac who's dying command is for her to marry Job's son. Dinah is a woman with a tarnished past and who's name is well-known in the rumor mill. The one person in Dinah's family who made her feel as if she belonged was her grandfather Isaac and suddenly he is gone and Dinah feels lost and alone once more. Job has heard the rumors about Dinah but knows there is more to the story than what he has been told. Dinah is taken by surprise when she realizes what a tender heart Job has and is drawn to him; however she is to become his daughter-in-law, not his wife. This is the beginning of Job and Dinah's story, a heart-wrenching, passionate story that is brought to life in the pages of this book!

This is a story and these are characters that I realized I was not too familiar with before opening this book. I vaguely remember some details of Dinah and Job, but after reading this book I recalled parts of the Biblical account that I had forgotten and I have also learned so much more!

The characters are all so well-developed and the emotions are strongly portrayed throughout the book. Dinah and Nogahla go through so much together and I have to say that they are my favorite characters in this book. They are different people and yet so alike that they form a bond with each other so quickly. I also learned so much more about other Biblical accounts in this book besides the main focus/storyline. For example, the deceit and stolen birthright between Jacob and Esau and their relationship with each other after that.

If you have read and enjoyed Jill Eileen Smith's "The Wives of King David" series, you must read this book! Andrews' style of writing is very similar to Smith's and both of these authors cause the characters to come alive in their books! I highly recommend this novel!

“Available March 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

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