Thursday, January 6, 2011

Book Review - "Twisted Webs"

"Twisted Webs" is Darlene Quinn's latest novel and has been awarded the USA Best Book Finalist Award for General Fiction! "Twisted Webs" is the sequel to Quinn's novel "Webs of Power."

Quinn once again grabs the reader from the very first page of her novel and holds the reader's attention to the very last page. It is the summer of 1990 and a horrible thing happens in Long Beach, California, really two horrible things. In one woman's ninth month of carrying a child, her appendix bursts and the death of the baby results. For another woman, soon after her twin daughters are born, one of the babies is kidnapped from the hospital. These two incidents tie together these two women and their families for years to follow.

The reader is taken on a high-energy journey from one part of the country to another and becomes a part of these two families and the emotions that each mother and family are experiencing. The characters and their personalities become alive and real on the pages and the emotions so vivid that they can be experienced by the reader. Be ready to join Ashleigh and Erica on a journey filled with secrecy, hurt, fear, manipulation and lust!

Darlene Quinn plans to release the prequel, titled "Irreversible Webs," to this 2-book series in the middle of this year, something to be sure to look forward to!

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