Thursday, January 6, 2011

Book Review - "An Amish Love"

"An Amish Love" is three novellas together in one book, however each story has characters that are connected with the other stories, which is something that I love about this collection!

The first novella is "A Marriage of the Heart" by Kelly Long. Abigail, a beautiful young Amish woman, is seeking to pay back Joseph for annoying and dismissing her. However, a marriage to each other is not really what was expected. Abigail, living alone with her father ever since her mother's death, thinks this will be the answer that she's been looking for as she wishes to run a home how she desires to. Abigail and Joseph must "put-on" that they are a young couple in love, however they soon discover that it is not just a show.

"What the Hearts Sees" written by Kathleen Fuller is the second novella in this collection. Ellie lost her sight and her best friend in a tragic accident. However, her boyfriend took off after this as well and Ellie's believes that she will never find love again in her life. Suddenly, Christopher, Ellie's boyfriend, returns and they must deal with the past as well as the feelings that are igniting between them again.

The last novella is "Healing Hearts" by Beth Wiseman. Nine weeks after Levina and Naaman become empty nesters, Naaman takes off to visit a cousin, for eleven months. Both know it is more than a visit. Suddenly, Naaman returns and wants to work on his marriage. However, during the time apart, Levina has grown and changed, so they do not feel like the couple they once were. Will they be able to learn to trust each other, respect each other and have love grow once again between them.

A great collection of Amish stories!

*I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.*

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