Monday, November 15, 2010

Book Review - "Christmas at Harrington's"

Be ready to be put in the Christmas spirit with Melody Carlson's latest novel, "Christmas at Harrington's." This is a sweet, quick Christmas read with a lovely cover, so the outside of the book is just as nice as the inside!
Lena is just being released from jail, for a crime she is innocent of, and is ready to start her life over in a new town. A new town because why would she want to return to her former one as no one believed her story. Besides Lena's parents have passed away during the eight years Lena spent incarcerated and her minister husband had an affair with a church parishioner. Lena really has no one until she meets Moira on the bus. Moira asks for Lena's story and thinking it will scare her away and Lena will get the empty seat back beside her, Lena shares only to have Moira offer to share her food. Lena continues to have contact with Moira and begins working as Mrs. Santa at a local department store, Harrington's. Everything is going great until a women from her past brings her child to Harrington's to meet Mrs. Santa and recognizes Lena and causes problems. However, losing her job turns out to be the best thing for Lena!
I was not ready for this story to end as there is still so much that could have been told. However, upon finishing the book I was smiling as it appears that Lena is getting the fresh start she deserves and will have a happy life as well as happy endings for the other characters as well! You will want to add this book to Christmas book list!

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