Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Book Review - "An Amish Christmas, expanded edition"

I really enjoyed reading "An Amish Christmas" last year, so I was very excited when Thomas Nelson offered the expanded edition! This is a book that should be read every year at this time as it puts you into the spirit of Christmas as you are immersed in a simpler way of life focusing on the true meaning of Christmas and highlighting family time during this special season.
The original edition of this book included 3 novellas. The first novella being "A Choice to Forgive" by Beth Wiseman. Lydia is offered a chance with her first love after many years, but has too much time passed and can she ever forgive him?
The second novella is "A Miracle for Miriam" by Kathleen Fuller. Miriam was teased and had her feelings hurt as a young girl, but people can change...or is the hurt too strong to forgive and forget?
The third novella by Barbara Cameron is "One Child." Sarah and David are childless and the pain that results from this is so strong. So, why on this snowy Christmas night is a couple brought to their door needing a place to stay and also ready to birth their first child?
The expanded edition includes "Christmas Cradles" written by Kelly Long. It is worth getting the expanded edition to have this extra, fourth novella. Anna travels a couple of hours to fill in for the local midwife so she can spend time with the family. Soon after falling asleep Anna is woken to travel to a home to help with the delivery of a baby. This is only the beginning of births for this late evening and early morning on Second Christmas for Anna and her faithful driver Asa. Anna also has a love for quilts and little does she know starting out how a quilt will assist her in each of the deliveries on this snowy night and how her heart and life will be forever changed.
This is a wonderful book to add to your Christmas collection. Each of these women author such beautiful stories. Being novellas, each story does not take long to read and yet each story feels complete and you will be left smiling and ready for Christmas (and snow!).

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