Friday, September 17, 2010

Book Review - "Making Waves"

This is NOT your typical historical fiction novel! Lorna Seilstad's novel, "Making Waves" is the first book in the Lake Manawa Summers series. This is set in 1895 at Lake Manawa, Iowa, not the typical setting for historical novels. I found this to be a fresh, enjoyable read - one that is sure to put you into a vacation state of mind!
This is Seilstad's debut novel, and hopefully not her last! I was drawn right into the story and wished that I was one of the elite who made camp at this lake!
Marguerite does not fit the mold that her mother wishes her to fill, luckily her father tends to be on Marguerite's side. Marguerite thrives on adventure and cannot fill the role of the "boring" society lady that is expected of her. This summer seems that it may be the last chance for a reprieve and possible escape from avid suitor Roger - Roger who is perfect for Marguerite according to her mother, but to Marguerite so boring. While at the lake and as a result of a few white lies, Marguerite finds herself spending time with sailing instructor Trip, Trip who is in no way like Roger and Marguerite finds herself falling for Trip. Suddenly, Marguerite's world is tipped upside down when she discovers a secret about her father and she may be forced to endure a life of boredom with Roger.
This is a new author you do not want to miss!!!
“Available September 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

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