Sunday, September 19, 2010

Book Review - "Faithful"

Kim Cash Tate has written a Women of Faith Fiction novel titled "Faithful." This is the perfect title for this book as it tells the story of three women at various stages in their lives and involved in relationships, will they remain faithful to God and continue to trust God's faithfulness?
The book begins with Cydney in the midst of wedding plans...but not for herself, for her younger sister and on her 40th birthday, a double whammy for Cyd, single, turning 40 and the maid of honor for her younger sister. Dana has the perfect marriage until she discovers it is not perfect due to her husband's unfaithfulness. Phyllis longs for her husband to find faith. Life is not always as it seems and does not always turn out as we think, but God is still true and faithful.
Tate's style of writing is very real as it seems you are a part of the story and the characters could be friends of yours. I recommend this as a read to encourage anyone to remain faithful!

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  1. Thanks for this review of Faithful. There is a great web page for the book, including a video with the author, a reading guide, a sample chapter and more: