Sunday, March 14, 2010

Book Review - "The Flowering Cross"

I recently received this book, "The Flowering Cross" by Beth Ryan from Thomas Nelson publishers. It is a sweet story for Easter to be shared with children. Katie and her brother NoNo are friends with a neighbor Papa Jack, whom the other children are afraid of. Katie goes to Papa Jack's beautiful garden to pick flowers to take to church on Easter Sunday to place on the cross. Through Katie's kindness and witness, Papa Jack decides to attend church with Katie's family and comes to Jesus as well. Before Easter dinner with the family, NoNo and Papa Jack go to his workshop and build a flowering cross for the dinner table.
This book illustrates the love that Jesus has for each of us and what the cross represents, Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. This book also contains "Faith Imprints" on several of the pages, statements that can lead to further discussion with your children along with a Bible verse correlating with the story text on the page. There are also instructions in the back of the book so that the reader is able to make his or her own flowering cross. This would be a wonderful book and project to become a part of families' traditions during Easter time.

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