Thursday, March 18, 2010

Book Review - "A Distant Melody"

Sarah Sundin has truly found her calling - writing historical romance novels! Her debut novel, "A Distant Melody," is hopefully the first of many works that will be released!
"A Distant Melody" is book one in the Wings of Glory series. Set during World War II the reader is transported to this time period and travels between California and England as the lives of Walt and Allie become alive. Allie is a young woman who has never been pretty enough according to her mother, has never been told she is pretty by her fiancee or felt that she is truly special to this fiancee as well. While traveling by train to a college friend's wedding, Allie is beginning a journey that will forever change her life. Befriending a mother and her young children on the train leads Allie to meet a serviceman Walt, who she ends up spending a great deal of time with as he is also a part of this friend's wedding. This week filled with wedding festivities is a great deal of fun for Allie as she feels as if she is surrounded by friends and people who really do care about her. However, omitted details, misunderstandings, and distance wedge in between Allie and Walt as they lead their separate lives thousands of miles away from each other. In the midst of war, Allie and Walt eventually are drawn together by corresponding through letters. However, Allie is still planning her wedding to her fiancee, Baxter, although she has several doubts. Faced with an ultimatum from her parents, Allie must make life-changing decisions. Allie learns what is important and gains courage by trusting God.
Sundin's has a flowing, descriptive writing style that draws the reader into the story. I felt as if I was transported back in time to World War II. The characters are so real and believable that the reader will wish for friends such as Allie, Walt, George and Betty.
This is a must read for all historical romance readers and for those who are not! I am looking forward to book two in this series being released and hoping it picks up where "A Distant Melody" left off!

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  1. Wow! Thank you, Kristie! What a lovely review. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading Walt & Allie's story as much as I enjoyed writing it!