Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Book Review - "The Lightkeeper's Daughter"

Mystery, romance, family relationships and history are all a part of Colleen Coble's latest novel, "The Lightkeeper's Daughter," a Mercy Falls novel. Addie Sullivan grows up a daughter of the lightkeeper at the lighthouse and lives a happy life although she cannot understand why her mother does not appear to love her. Upon recusing a man, Addie learns that she may not be whom she has always thought she was and her parents may not be her parents. As Addie trusts God and the man she helped rescue, things begin to make sense in Addie's life - why does her mother not love her, why does she has recurring nightmares of being in a boating accident?
Addie follows Mr. Driscoll, who claims to be her uncle to an estate under the pretense of being the new teacher for her nephew as someone has been paying for Addie to be taken care of away from her biological family. However, she desires to really get to know her family, especially her father. Addie does not plan to fall in love with her charge's father and discover secrets that question her mother's disappearance and supposed death. Through many twists and turns and emotional moments, Addie discovers who in her life can actually be trusted on and who her true family really is. I highly recommend this book! The characters are not as they appear to be, you will want to read this to find out truth in Addie's life! I cannot wait for another Mercy Falls novel!

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