Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Book Review - "Healing Sands"

Coming back from a pointless photo shoot, Ryan Coe, photojournalist, is called to the scene of an accident. What Ryan does not know is that the person surrounded by officials and being accused for committing a hate crime is her son, Ryan's 15 year-old son whom she has not had much contact with over the past year. "Healing Sands," by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn, is the third novel in the Sullivan Crisp series. From the first page, the reader is drawn into Ryan's life which is so like many women's lives today. Ryan is working in a position that is not that fulfilling for her, however she is there for the fact that she is able to live closer to her two sons who have chosen to live with Ryan's ex-husband. Filled with anger and searching for something Ryan seeks counseling with Sully, however it takes time to work through things. Will Ryan be able to get to the bottom of the crime that her son is thrust in the center of and will she be able to find what she is missing in life?
I have not read the other two books in this series, but after reading this book I am curious to read them and discover the approach that Sully takes in these in counseling. This book is not one of those "warm fuzzy feeling" books from start to finish, it is thought-provoking, but may not be as easy to read through for some people due to this fact. I found the book to be interesting and I was pulled right in as I work in the counseling field and enjoy some suspense in the novels I read.

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  1. I'm waiting to receive this one from the publisher so I can review it... it sounds interesting... we'll see what my thoughts are on it. Check my blog in a week or so for a review! =)