Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Review for "The American Patriot's Bible"

“The American Patriot’s Bible,” New King James version from Thomas Nelson, is a unique study Bible. When I saw this Bible, I was intrigued as to what all was contained in it in regards to American History. Each book begins with background information about the book, such as the author, date it was written, key verses and key chapters. Throughout the Bible, there are colorful pages inserted tying the Bible with our nation’s history. For example, placed in by Numbers 28 there is a section about the Bible and the American Presidents containing quotations from various presidents about the Bible. Information about the American Revolution is placed within 2 Chronicles while the Civil War is discussed in the midst of the book of Jeremiah. Filled with interesting facts and known historical information, as well as some not as familiar facts about America, this Bible is a great study Bible to strengthen one’s faith and realize the significance of the Bible and faith in our nation’s history.

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